Number Nine Studios - Room details

Wet Room

Number Nine Studios L. 10,2 x W. 6,5 x H. 3,3m

One of the two large rooms, it has the most wood on the walls, a stonewall corner, and a ‘heraclite’ corner (compressed wood chunks, spray painted white), removable absorbing/reflecting panels on the ceiling, so a variety of acoustics are possible here. With the available rolling panels of 1,25m width and 2m high (4 of them) and 2 others of 2m width and 1,25m high you can make huge changes in the acoustics according to your taste. The centre of the room is a large wood floor, the sides are stone floors, big wool carpets are available to adapt the sound. Window with view on the garden.

Dry Room

Number Nine Studios L. 10 x W. 7 x H. 3,5m

The same dimensions as the Wet Room, but no wood on the walls here, to be able to create a dry sound, but still have the ability to create ‘distance’ in your recordings, a dry room signal is an advantage on a variety of input signals, you’ll be able to get that killer dry drum sound and hear all the details on the cymbals. Also here you can adapt the acoustics, create a reflecting wall of 5m width with the rolling panels. A small section also has a heraclite wall. Also removable absorbing/reflecting panels on the ceiling here.

The floor is disconnected from the rest of the building, PA rehearsals at loud volumes are possible here on the PA system, also during late hours… and the floor sounds great for foot stomps. We’ve done PA rehearsals at 105dB throughout the night. The concrete ceiling of 30cm-50cm takes care of that.

Vocal Booth

Number Nine Studios L. 2,3 x W. 1,7 x H. 3m

A booth with direct view on the Control Room, very handy for vocals, percussion, to put an amp or a cab, or a vocalist with acoustic guitar, voice over, etc… One fourth of the volume of this room (which is in fact 2,35 by 2,20m) is bass trap material, so you can get a very neutral recording, great for bass, guitars, and very handy when you have a band recording: set up an amp here and it will not disturb your drum recordings, even with the door from the Wet Room to the Main Hall opened.


Number Nine Studios L. 3,4 x W. 1,8 x H. 3,3m

Another extra dry booth where usually the bass cab or amp gets placed: not too small so it’s possible to put different cabs or amps in it, and great to isolate that one guitar or bass amp that HAS to be on 11…

Control Room

Number Nine Studios L. 9 x W. 4 x H. 3,3m

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A comfortable room of 4 by 9 meters and 3.20m high, with direct view on the Wet Room, Main Hall and Vocal Booth, camera view on the Wet and Dry Room and even vocal booth. The Control Room is measured out acoustically so a reliable sound to work on. With the Adam S3H’s + Adam sub, the Genelecs with the Focal sub and the Yamaha NS10M’s you’ll be able to spend days at the monitors. A direct exit to the private terrace and garden brings in the sun, the 1 meter-thick walls give you an almost zero bleed from the rest of the building, even at 100dB SPL in the dry room for instance. Separate engine room so no buzz/noise from any hardware. The ceiling is floating, so however loud you want to work: no problem.

One wood wall behind the speakers to have a nice atmosphere to talk, but no influence on your sound.

In the back there’s a comfortable sitting corner, with enough space to set up some gear, floorboard, guitars, keys, for musicians who are recording in the Control Room.

Main Hall

Number Nine Studios L. 22 x W. 3,0 > 1,7 x H. 3,3m

Because of the shape of this hall (it starts wide, gets wider and then starts to narrow down, so no parallel walls), and the red epoxy (artificial resin) floor we were able to create a very beautiful and already popular reverb, a lot of the recordings are done with the doors opened and a Josephson or U67 capturing the reverb of this hall. Great for drum reverb, vocal reverb, percussion reverb, guitar reverb… actually, any reverb. Again, you can adapt your reverb through placing the absorbing/reflecting panels, you can roll them easily around the building, they do a great job. There’s a two places where you can hook into the studio patch: in the front and in the back.

We’d be happy to setup a re-amp system with our PA so you can capture the Main Hall sound without disturbing the recording in the Wet and Dry Room or the booths, all at the same time.

Kitchen / Relax

Number Nine Studios L. 5,7 x W. 4,5 x H. 3m

The kitchen is also on the studio patch so you can use the kitchen as a recording room. Nice to be able to put that one last extra amp there without disturbing the other rooms. Because of the furniture the sound lies somewhere in between wet and dry. Again adaptable through the absorbing/reflecting panels.

We chose to install a not too small and comfortable kitchen, with the possibility and enough kitchenware to cook your own meal if you want to. Pizza, kebap, fries, Thai are on walking distance but a nice freshly made spaghetti does the job also, no? Dishwasher and big fridge were a must so are there…

Other Rooms

Verb Hall

Number Nine Studios L. 4,2 x W. 1,8 x H. 3,2m

Because of its rather strange dimensions and naked walls, the verb room, which is in fact the hall in between the Wet Room, Dry Room, Booth and Main hall, has a very long but useful reverb, especially combined with the Main Hall reverb. This hall is also separately wired for mics, speakers and monitoring.

Fire Hall

Number Nine Studios L. 18 x W. 0,8 x H. 3,4m

This is a fire escape of 18m length which is in the back of the studio and because of its dimensions it gives a great reverb and slap delay. Also wired for mics, monitoring and speakers. Great as that extra reverb/delay room during recordings. There are about 3m² of thin absorbing panels there to make smaller adaptations.


Number Nine Studios L. 12 x W. 3,3 x H. 3,6m

This rather big room is a workplace to fix drums and other instruments, a stock for drums and other gear, and it’s used a lot to put an extra cab/amp. You have a problem with a guitar output? You’re able to have a look at it in a comfortable way, and fix it quickly on the spot. A lot of work material present: drills, soldering iron, extra batteries, screwdrivers, screws of all kinds, an in house workshop, so a bit of an all round extra room. The room has 2 different ceiling heights: 3,30m and 2,67m. Also on the studio patch in all kinds of ways.


Number Nine Studios L. 3,5 x W. 2,3 x H. 3m

Want to get that typical ‘bathroom’ reverb? Here’s the place… ‘chalk’(gyproc) walls to get that specific reverb, also patched for everything. Shower present.

Private terrace & garden

No recording rooms - although we already did some recordings in the garden - but worth mentioning: there’s a private terrace where you can have a smoke, enjoy the sun and relax a bit, part of the garden is available to chill out.

For sleeping accommodations, contact us for more info...

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